If you had the chance to improve your community by generating millions of dollars to invest in local schools and infrastructure, wouldn’t you?


Peninsula Pacific plans to invest in Louisiana by reinvesting in Bossier or developing a new integrated entertainment and gaming destination in Tangipahoa.

So what are the options?

Peninsula Pacific wants to reinvest in Louisiana and is examining two options:

Improve and redevelop their existing venue in Bossier Parish
Develop a new entertainment & gaming destination in Tangipahoa Parish

Tangipahoa Option

New Jobs

Thousands of new jobs will be created during construction through completion of the project.

Revamp Infrastructure

Millions of dollars generated for vital infrastructure needs, including drainage issues.

Improve Education

Support for local education through scholarships and classroom funding.

Economic Development

Estimated up to $109 million in indirect and induced investment in Tangipahoa.

Promote Local Business

Local businesses promoted through our Customer Rewards Business Partner Program.

Quality of Life

Over $20 million in tax revenue generated within five years to be used to increase quality of life in the parish.

Bossier Option


Revamp a struggling location into a first-class, integrated entertainment and gaming destination.

Quality of Life

Millions in tax revenue generated within five years to be used to increase quality of life in the parish.

Industry Expansion

New facilities and new jobs to continue area cultivation as an entertainment destination.

More Jobs

Hundreds of new jobs created through construction and completion of the project.

Promote Local Business

Local businesses promoted through our Customer Rewards Business Partner Program.

Economic Engine

Attract out-of-town revenue to boost local economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a common misconception that a massive riverboat will be placed in the Tangipahoa River. In actuality, almost all of Louisiana "riverboat" casinos appear to be on land, but actually have riverboat skeletons that sit over the water (not in it) surrounded by areas for restaurants, shopping, meeting rooms, hotels, concert venues, etc. Since they are technically boats, the casinos are required by law to have an operating paddle wheel and a maritime crew even though they never actually sail.
In 1996, the voters of Tangipahoa voted for riverboat gaming and voted against video poker in the local option election. For parishes like Tangipahoa that approved riverboat gaming, state legislation was enacted to “tie” riverboat gaming licenses in that parish to a specific waterway in that parish. For Tangipahoa Parish, that waterway is currently Pass Manchac. Because state legislation tied the Tangipahoa license to the waterway at Pass Manchac, only an act of the state legislature can change the waterway to another waterway, in this case, the Tangipahoa River. State law also requires that individual casino licenses and projects must get approval from the voters in parishes where those projects are proposed. Thus, even though riverboat gaming was approved by the voters in Tangipahoa in 1996, the proposal for the development in Robert on the Tangipahoa River must still be voted on by the people.
We're still in the naming process. If you have a potential name idea for the premium entertainment and gaming destination, feel free to email your suggestions to us at
We are currently working with local officials and drainage experts on a plan for our company to have a positive impact on the drainage situation in the area. Our company strives to be a great community partner where we build.
While we do not have precise statistics on where the over 500 permanent employees will come from, if we select Tangipahoa as the site for the project, we are committed to hiring an overwhelming majority of new employees from the Tangipahoa community.
Not at all. On the contrary, this facility will be a world-class entertainment and gaming destination that the parish will be proud of for decades to come. Additional amenities that could be included based on the preferences of the community, include a luxurious hotel, upscale dining, entertainment venue, business center and much more.
We value the feedback of all local residents. Please submit any questions, comments or concerns right here on this site in the "Contact Us" section.
Not only do local businesses benefit from the increased traffic of visitors, but out-of-market visitors contribute tens of millions in gaming tax revenue to state and local governments. While every location's customer base is unique, we expect the majority of our customer base to be made up visitors from outside of Tangipahoa. Statistics show that riverboat casinos purchase over 70% of all goods and services from Louisiana vendors and small businesses. Additionally, Peninsula Pacific is committed to helping the local businesses with its unique Point Partnership program that allows customers to use reward credits in the parish at locally owned retailers.  
Actually, statistics show that the opposite is true. In fact, several Louisiana law enforcement agencies have actually reported decreases in crime since the establishment of casinos in their areas. Many cities that have introduced riverboat gaming have seen crime rates decrease since local tax revenue has been used for enhanced police protection. The increased police protection afforded by the tax revenue generated by riverboat casinos often decreases crime. For example, in Bossier City crime decreased 40% in recent years, according to former Police Chief Danny Dison.
In Tangipahoa Parish, Peninsula Pacific has secured a site on the eastern end of the parish directly south of Interstate 12 along the Tangipahoa River for a potential a landside entertainment property. In Bossier Parish, Peninsula Pacific would completely revitalize an existing entertainment property along the Red River.
There are many potential benefits of a Peninsula Pacific project in your parish, including:
  • Millions of new dollars to invest in community schools, infrastructure and drainage problems.
  • Hundreds of new jobs for your parish.
  • New community facilities that might include a business center, hotel, entertainment venue or festival grounds.
  • Promotion of local businesses in your parish through our Customer Rewards Business Partner Program.
Peninsula Pacific is a private investment company with an extensive track record of developing and operating various businesses. The company has been involved with nine gaming properties in four states, of which seven were greenfield developments. Peninsula Pacific's relationship with Louisiana began in 2002 when the team purchased, relocated, built and operated Evangeline Downs in Opelousas, La. In every development, Peninsula Pacific seeks to build a strong partnership with the local communities in which it operates, by listening and learning what is desired by the local community.

We Want Your Feedback

Peninsula Pacific is committed to engaging in a “Community Conversation” with all local residents, stakeholders and community leaders. We value your questions, comments or concerns and look forward to your feedback.

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Peninsula Pacific is a privately owned company with deep experience in hospitality and gaming. Founded in 1999 by M Brent Stevens, Peninsula Pacific has developed, owned and operated prestigious gaming properties around the country, including in New York, Kansas, Iowa and Louisiana. Peninsula Pacific prides itself in developing community centered developments that reflect the needs and interests of the areas in which they operate.